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A Testimonial from a slave that had his first Double Dom Session with Myself & Mistress Kendra

This is an unedited testimonial from a slave that I had the pleasure of meeting, I do hope you enjoy

I seasoned with Mistress Kendra a few months ago and on this occasion I decided to try a double session with Mistress Kendra and Mistress Linda.


I was really excited about the Double Domme session because my previous session with Mistress Kendra was absolutely amazing, and I knew that Mistress Linda would be just as skilful.  I therefore knew that I was in for a real treat, and that proved to be the case.


I already knew that Mistress Kendra is a very beautiful Mistress – even more beautiful than the photos on her website suggest.  Exactly the same can be said for Mistress Linda, who has a breathtakingly beautiful face.


The 3 of us had a leisurely chat over a coffee, and I felt a genuine sense of honour and privilege to be with 2 Mistresses of the very highest calibre.


The multi roomed chambers are beautifully laid out and very atmospheric.  I could have sat there chatting with these 2 very beautiful and friendly Mistresses all day, but I was soon taken into one of the chamber rooms and stripped off.  Of course, the friendliness evaporated from there on!


What followed was an incredibly intense, powerful and enjoyable session with 2 Mistresses who really know and enjoy what they are doing, and who have obviously worked closely together for many years.  Mistress Kendra and Mistress Linda had taken careful note of everything we discussed in our pre session chat, and they remembered everything.  They are so totally professional.


I was also very pleasantly surprised when I was subjected to something I have never experienced before.  I “think” the Mistresses called it ‘The Devotion’.  It consisted of having my balls tied to a lead hanging from the ceiling while one of the Mistresses ‘encouraged’ me to crawl to worship the feet of the other Mistress.  I had to stretch my balls to reach the Mistress’s feet.  Until then I thought I knew everything about BDSM.  Well done to the Mistresses for proving me wrong!


There was no clock watching during the session, which actually overran.


I highly recommend Mistress Kendra and Mistress Linda, either for a single or a double session.  They are real experts, and I can’t wait to serve them again.


Thank you both for an absolutely brilliant session




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