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A testimonial from one of my long standing slaves.

This is a testimonial from one of my long standing slaves, which I hope you will enjoy along with a couple of photos taken during an enjoyable session.


I have been Mistress Linda’s slave for more years than either of us probably care to remember. I remember, all those pre-internet years ago, when I received a reply from Her as the result of a note from me through a contact magazine (remember them ?!), and that brief letter changed my life.


I have become privileged to come to know a kind and thoughtful lady who is without doubt one of this country’s premier Mistresses.


She owns me. By that I mean that She is a constant in my life – I try to lead my life to the high standards which She sets, and I believe that Her influence has made me a better person. By nature I am a submissive and defer to women. My meetings with Her and the lessons She has taught me have reinforced, in my mind, my position in life.


I don’t mean I’m a wimp – I’m not – but it is second nature to me, and comforting, to be controlled by a dominant woman and I’m just so lucky to know my Mistress.


She controls my sexuality. I am not allowed to experience a climax except through her express instruction or permission. I don’t wear a chastity device – wouldn’t be practical anyway ! – but I am in ‘mental chastity’, on my honour as it were, which in many ways is more difficult. (As I write this I’m getting horny and it would be so easy to pleasure myself, but that would be unthinkable – a breach of a trust which has built up over so many years).


When I saw Her I hadn’t been permitted relief for almost six weeks. She toyed with my mind, smilingly saying that She wasn’t sure whether I deserved any pleasure or whether She’d impose a further six week ban. While She considered matters She said I’d have to have my full balls attended to and bound them as severely as I have ever known.


Then She decided that a dose of the humbler was called for and proceeded to fit it as tightly as possible….it puts a chap in a very vulnerable position ! I am not ‘good’ at CP but had to endure a good spanking while humbled. Every smack brought an involuntary ‘twitch’ which stretched my poor balls even tighter !


This intense pain brings on a strange feeling – it’s something about suffering for improvement, and I think that my overall desire when I’m with Her is to improve, to become a better slave.


Another thing I learned to improve was my forced breath control. We started off at 30 seconds (it’s longer than it seems) and managed to improve to 40 seconds. I think that She intends me to go a full minute in the future…..


Further details of our meeting must remain between the two of us. I just wanted to write this appreciation of a supreme Lady who I’m just so honoured to know. Thank heavens for that contact magazine all those years ago !


(Oh – and I mustn’t forget to phone at the appointed time for future chastity and – hopefully – release instructions !)




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