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Slave E was in for a surprise!

Slave E has been visiting me for several years, and he has written the following account of his last visit, and I thought I would share it with you all, I do hope you enjoy.


Well it was my time to return to see Mistress Linda, who I have been visiting for several years, when I arrived Mistress Linda greeted me, but she was not happy with what happened on my last visit when I had been a disappointment to the Mistress.

I had been punished for being very disrespectful and was made to apologise for my behaviour during the session, at the end of the session Mistress said despite my misbehaviour I would be allowed to pleasure myself.

Well I just could not preform on command, to explain Mistress Linda told me I had a total of 5 minutes to complete or I would be going away unsatisfied, well that is what happened at the end of the 5 minutes Mistress told me to get up and get dressed.

I did plead for longer, but Mistress said I had not earned the right, so I had to get dressed and leave, I fully understood Mistress Linda makes the rules and I have to obey.

So on this visit Mistress Linda said that I would be secured onto the Medical Bench in the medical room, and left for Nurse Linda to give me a fully examination to see if there was any medical reason for the problem that occurred during my last visit.

I did try to say that I was fine, but Mistress Linda was having none of that, slaves must preform when commanded to do so, and on previous occasions I performed correctly, so there must be something wrong.

It was also a kindness on the Mistress’s part that Mistress was looking after my health, by arranging the medical to ensure there would be no further problems.

So off to the medical room I went, I was told to strip and Mistress secured me tightly to the bench, she also fitted ear phones, blindfolded me and then played “white noise” through the headphones, so that I had lost two of my senses, I could not see and I could not hear, also I had lost the sense of  touch being tightly bond down.

Mistress left me for what seemed to be a long time, I am not sure how long, when you have no senses time seems to disappear, you hear and see nothing, so you are in total limbo waiting for something to happen.

After such a long time I felt my balls being grasped very tightly and pulled, which made me scream out, and then a rubber clad hand was quickly over my mouth and I was soon quiet again, next minute I was being shaved my an electric razor, this resulted in me getting an erection which I know is not allowed without permission, so my erect cock was slapped several times very hard, but that had no effect, so the shaving continued onto a wet shave, well when the soap was being rubbed in my erection just got harder and harder, the shaving continued until I was completely smooth.

After this my headphones were removed along with my blindfold, I could now see Nurse Linda in her Pink PVC uniform, she looked great, my erection just got harder at the sight, Nurse Linda was not happy with this and I was told to get it back under control, or else she would.

Well I just could not control myself so my erect cock was slapped very hard, my nipples were nipped very tightly but to no effect, so Nurse Linda said it would have to be the electric shock treatment.

So an electric loop was connected to the top of my cock and another around my balls, and slowly the electric pulses started to get stronger and longer, Nurse Linda said this was for my own benefit, she would be using sounds, which had to go down my “pee hole” and they worked much better with a  semi erect cock, well Nurse Linda was correct my erection started to go down as the pulses got stronger, it was therefore time to move on.

Nurse Linda put on a new pair of latex gloves and then started to clean my cock using medical wipes, paying particular attention to my pee hole, well I started to get very erect again, Nurse told me to behave, but that had no effect, so she said she would go ahead with the sounds but I had to beware that if I did not comply and accept them fully there would be consequences that I would not enjoy.

Nurse started with the first one applying lubricant to the end of the sound (size 22) and it slipped down nicely Nurse Linda rubbed my cock as it went down, it felt like I was being wanked, well my cock was now rock hard, Nurse Linda was not happy and withdrew the sound, and then insert a bigger one (size 24) again it too went down quite easily, Nurse Linda said she was happy there were no blockages, but I would need to have a wider hole to prevent further problems.

Nurse Linda removed the sound and inserted the next size up (size 26), again it went down helped by Nurse rubbing my cock up and down, I felt that I could explode, but I knew I was not allowed to, so I held back and Nurse Linda said it was going well, but I needed the next size up, to ensure there would be no long term problems, so Nurse Linda removed the sound and picked up the largest one (size 28) that she had selected earlier which had been in the sterilising liquid along with the others, Nurse Linda said that I must relax and not to resist, well this was the largest sound that I have ever had, but I trusted Nurse Linda to ensure that I would be able to cope, it entered my hole and stated to slide down by itself but it stopped about halfway (in the medical room there is a mirror on the roof so I could see what was happening).

Nurse Linda said as she thought there could be a problem so she massaged my cock up and down, not touching the sound and soon it was on the move again going fully down, the blockage was cleared.

Nurse Linda was very pleased and so as to ensure the blockage was fully cleared she eased             the sound up and then allow it to drop down itself, this time it did drop slowly and fully to its full length, Nurse Linda did this three times, and then withdrew the sound, she was very pleased.

I was also very pleased that I had managed to please nurse, but she was not finished with me, she said that the final test was to see if I could come in the required time-scale.

So my hands were untied and Nurse Linda said that I would have 5 minutes but this time I could have no was excuse for not being able to complete the task, and if I failed I would be handed back to Mistress Linda for severe punishment for wasting her time.

I am pleased to say that I did complete the task, and what an eruption there was, I am sure it was best ever wank that I have had.

Nurse Linda discharged me, and informed me that I should arrange to visit Mistress Linda as soon as possible so that my obedience training could continue.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Mistress Linda.


Slave E.


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