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I have just had a phone call from Mistress Nemesis informing me that one of my house-slaves has been misbehaving with her slave-girl!! On Sunday the Mistress had left a slave in bondage, who was looked over by the girl while she went away and came back a few hours later.

Meanwhile my house-slave, who had been given my keys to carry out some work in the pit, decided to make the most of the situation and engaged in inappropriate behaviour with the girl. Consequently he was caught “in flagrante delicto” by Mistress Nemesis and photos were taken of him in compromising positions as proof of what he had been up to!!

I shall view these later today and decide what I am going to do with him! But he will pay!! My God, will he pay!!

Mistress Linda

p.s I have included a couple of the photos below that have just been sent to me by Mistress Nemesis.

from camera 05 06 15 023 (800x600) from camera 05 06 15 024 (800x600)

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