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School boy Pauls Visit

Friday the 13th was a very unlucky day for schoolboy Paul.

He finally got what he said he always wanted!!!, and that was a very hard and prolonged spanking, slippering and caning, and I was feeling really up for the challenge.

Schoolboy Paul has been coming to see me for several years and is one on my regulars at the School Days but I have to say one of the more naughty pupils, this time I knew he would be leaving with a very sore bottom.

He arrived at 10.30 prompt and had his usual coffee and a seasonal mince pie, while I set out my spanking stool and implements in the Red Room.

I then collected him from my office area and took him through to where he would receive his punishment, on this occasion Paul had done nothing wrong to warrant punishment, but it was what he he had requested and he was looking forward to receiving the punishment, and of course I was also looking forward to carrying it out.

Once in the room I ordered him to strip completely, I always feel I get most enjoyment out of a naked and vulnerable body!!!

I sat down on my spanking stool and ordered him over my knee, I then proceeded to give him a  hand spanking to his bare bottom starting off slowly and not too hard, just to warm his bottom up in preparation for what was to come, slowly I built up the tempo and Hardness.

He started to wriggle more and more but I was holding him down firmly with my left arm, he was going nowhere, his bottom was now bright red and starting to show signs of bruising.

I decided to let him get up and spend some corner time, with his hands on his head facing to wall, so that I could see the good work I had started.


You will need to read my next blog to find out if Paul could take what he wanted, so make sure you come back soon, when I will add some photos as well.

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