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The miscreant arrived punctually and had asked for a more painful session than previously. Well!! Who am I to argue with that?

He was immediately tied and put in my cell. His genitalia were bound, pulled through the bars and secured, and he was left there while I prepared myself. Having chosen 2 whips, I came back to the cell and whipped and slapped the offending appendages until he was making the noises I wanted to hear.

Then he was put on his hands and knees and the well-beaten appendages were strung up to the ceiling, weighted nipple-clamps were put in place as well as an electric probe in his anus. He was made to stay there for some time, while I pulled on both of the ropes that were attached to him, making him squeal and wriggle. Then it was on to the electric chair where he was blasted with various attachments to his body, sending electric shocks coursing through him. Finally, he was tied to the bench and, using one of my favourite canes, I put an artistic pattern on his bottom.

Needless to say, after 90 minutes, he almost had to drag himself out of my Chambers!! Well, he did ask for it!!

Mistress Linda.


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