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The other day I had another three hours of enjoyment with my “Girl” Rachel. She has such good legs and is able to walk so correctly in the highest of heels that she would make most women envious! She is always eager to please and loves being put in tight restraint. Firstly though she had to please her Mistress with lots of body worship, just to get me in the right frame of mind of course.

Then I put her into the “Lobster Pot” ( I can’t stop using this piece of equipment at the moment) She was tied tightly and suspended with weights on her non-feminine bits and weighted nipple-clamps were added too. Then I left her while I made a few phone calls, one of these being to order a slave to come and perform for me.

After a while I heard a loud thud from the loft dungeon! Not to worry, I knew what it was. I entered and saw one of the weighted nipple-clamps on the floor, and one distressed Rachel! She had failed to keep it attached and knew what the consequences would be. I left and returned with various whips and proceeded to punish her.

Meanwhile, my other slave had arrived and was ordered to strip while I let the “Girl” down and then hung her upside down from the roof – blindfolded! He was then brought in and placed where Rachel was able to do some Forced Bi!!

After a while I decided to take her into my Red Room to indulge in some more activities with her including strap-on, more electrics etc. All in all it was three hours of pure enjoyment for me, and I am sure for Rachel too! Well, maybe for some of the time!!

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