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What I enjoy in my career as a Dominatrix is the variety of sessions that I take part in. No day is the same as any other, and the same applies to the people that I see. They each have their lives, dislikes, preferences and pain levels, and that is what make it so enjoyable!

 Here are a few sessions that I have conducted in the last few weeks.

 The first was with Christopher, a very insolent boy, who has visited me over the years, and I, as Headmistress, have my work cut out with him. He has a very high pain threshold, and can therefore take a very intense punishment. As you can see from the photo, all the marks he incurred were made with just my hand, slippers, paddle and a strap. After that, he took numerous strokes with the cane. Needless to say, he will be back, and I will be very happy to deal with him.

 Then I had Slave Paul. Basically, I can do anything with him except put marks on him, and in the 2 hours that he was here, I almost did do everything! Especially the electrics, and to a very high level. When I had finished, he admitted that he was completely shattered but also very “content”!!

 I have also seen my “Naughty Nephew”, another long-standing naughty boy. He likes his Aunty to be sexy and persuasive when she puts him over her knee and uses her slippers for quite a long time!! And I can be very, very persuasive!!

 Finally there was my little girl Andrea, a very gentle naughty “girl”, to whom I do all the things that I do to naughty girls, but gently! Not at all like my Jessica, who is a real slut that I have to be quite ruthless with!!

 Yes, I am a very Happy Mistress! So I have included some photos taken during these sessions, more will be placed in my galleries later for your continued enjoyment.


All photos were taken, and displayed with the full consent of the participants

Waiting for nephew
Waiting for nephew
Self explanatory!
Self explanatory!

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