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Did it Hurt or Just Sting a Bit ?

Once again I have a testimonial from one of my loyal visitors, I thought I would share it with you, with permission of the miscreant I have included some photos taken during the session, I do hope you enjoy .

Mistress Linda

After what can only be described as yet another highly pleasurable visit to the Chapel I felt compelled to share with you a tiny portion of my time with the much renowned and highly accomplished Mistress Linda.

I have over many visits to the Chapel encountered an intoxicating level of pain and pleasure and today was no exception. I would never dream of trying to script a session in advance, Mistress Linda knows which one area of play makes me squeamish and so avoids this favouring the remaining 99% of her repertoire. This allows for many an action packed and varied session, all delivered in a natural flowing style, ensuring both Mistress and slave enjoy the session to maximum effect. However today was a little different, in our pre session communication Mistress Linda had implied a hefty caning may be in order. I was not overly concerned because if you are ever to receive a seriously good caning, then Mistress Linda is the very person. My only worry was that we never actually agreed a number. I know use of the word “we” is a little naive, as the Mistress is the one who decides the number of strokes, my input will only result in an increase in this number.

As the session progressed I knew my caning was getting ever closer, which only served to heighten my sense of excitement because after all a caning from Mistress Linda is something to be savoured and enjoyed. Before the thrashing could begin I was treated to a warm up in the all new “Chapel Warehouse Dungeon Suite”. Mistress delighted in showing of her new dungeon, completed by her own creative skill, inclusive of atmospheric mood lighting. After my bottom was warmed up it was back to the “Red Room” and over the whipping bench.

Once secured in position it was out with the canes, initially delivered in batches of six. After number 24 Mistress Linda enquired as to how many strokes I had received last time. 100 I replied with a rather misplaced sense of pride. Oh well said Mistress Linda I will just give you another 6, to get to 30 and then I can start in batches of 10. Mistress Linda is extremely perceptive and sensed the first 30 had caused me a higher degree of discomfort than usual. Keen for me to achieve a “top score” she had adjusted the pace, allowing me time to adjust and get the most from the experience.

As stroke number 40 found its target with pin point accuracy, Mistress Linda stopped and asked how the last 10 had felt. I couldn’t resist, I just grinned and said “fantastic”. Oh well she said “I can stop mucking about now”. I hadn’t really considered Mistress Linda to be mucking about by any means but I knew all the remaining strokes would now be dished out full force without compromise, which I just love. In a matter of minutes we hit number 80 and I was told it would be a total of 100 over the bench, a short break for other activities and then on the bed for a few more, either way we were going to top 100. In all honesty by stroke 100 both slave and Mistress were very much in the groove and so we ended at 110 before breaking for other activities.

After a short break, for what turned out to be severe electric cock and ball torture the caning resumed at 110 and within minutes we were at 130, I should point out that for an added dimension the electric butt plug had remained firmly in place and turned on. By this point Mistress Linda was becoming concerned as my bottom was beginning to bleed a little, so we set 150 as our final goal and another 20 full force brutal blows followed, timed exactly to coincide with the pulsating butt plug.

So we were at 150, a sensible place to stop, well not quite, I really had enjoyed all 150 so far and on one previous occasion 200 had been reached, so with a cheeky smile Mistress Linda just knew I wanted a few more, so the target score was upped to 200 and play continued with another 5 batches of 10. Each stroke delivered with razor sharp accuracy and absolutely no compromise.

We had reached 200, only made possible by Mistress Linda’s perception accuracy, oh and forceful right arm. Trust in your Mistress and you will be amazed at what can be achieved. Did it hurt? To be honest I was having far too much fun to notice.



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