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The Headmistress Rules again!

I had a visit from Jeremy who visits the Headmistress from time to time, Jeremy is a very naughty “schoolboy”, this time he was being a very sullen and objectionable boy and really tried to test my patience to the limit.

He is under the impression that school rules are nothing to do with him and treats them with contempt along with members of my staff  !!, this is something that I will never allow or tolerate.

Needless to say I sometimes have my work cut out dealing with him, and bringing him down to earth with a bang, but don’t worry he will be brought under control today!!

This job I took on with great enthusiasm, and I would be letting him know from the start who was in charge during his visit to the Headmistress’s room.

I read out the letter from his form teacher who complained about his disruptive behaviour in class and a particular nasty incident in which he made an obscene remark to her, in front of the class!!

When I demanded to know more about this incident he accused his teacher of lying!!

His attitude was so obnoxious I made him take his trousers down and put him over my knee soundly slapping the back of his legs, I then pulled his underpants down and spanked his bare bottom, until it was bright red and matched the colour of his thighs.

I told him to stand in front of me and demanded an explanation of the events, his reply again was that his teacher had lied!!!

I was very angry by now, and grabbed him by the ear and he was back over my knee once again, but this time I used three of my slippers what a satisfying sound they made every-time they came in contact with his very sore bottom.

With him still being so insolent and denying the accusations, I had no option but to put him over my desk and administer paddles, the school strap, and a school plimsoll !

Usually by now boys are blubbering and promising never again to misbehave, but not this vile creature.

This one needed to be over my desk again, where I proceeded to use two of my school canes to his already throbbing and sore beaten bottom, each stroke of the cane was given at full force, 12 each, and he was then given another chance to admit his misdemeanour’s, but still be refused, so it had to be the “Long Hard Cane”.

I fastened his hands to the legs of my desk, he was fully bent over, and I delivered 12 strokes Judicial Style!!!

That did it, his legs buckled and he sobbed and cried out and begged for forgiveness, admitting everything.

Needless to say he apologised to myself and of course his form teacher, and promised to behave in the future.

We shall see how he behaves in the future, but once again a job well done and a great feeling of satisfaction.

Once again I proved, no boy gets the better of The Headmistress.

I have posted some photos of Jeremy’s very sore bottom for you all to see what happens when you try to get the better of the Headmistress.

I do hope you enjoyed this, please do return, to see what has been happening in the Chapel School, I will be announcing the date of the next school day on my next post.

Headmistress Linda

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