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A very Happy New Year to all of you.

I would like to start this New Year as the way I mean go on and tell you how I dealt with my first visitor of 2014.

On Thursday 2nd of January I had the pleasure of doing my first Strap On session of 2014!! and what a great session it was.

‘S’ is one of my long term slaves and I know exactly what is needed to keep him in line!

But because he has a low pain threshold I always need to encourage him by means of twisting and pulling his nipples.

I had ordered him to set out my room the way I wanted it and when that was completed I felt that he should be made to do a humiliating task, which was to lick and clean all my Butt Plugs and Strap-Ons, of which I have many!!!!!!!!!! and just to make sure he was doing to correctly and getting them really clean, I rammed the bigger ones up and down into his mouth until I was satisfied they were clean, but he did make a lot of noise moaning and gagging, the wretch was wriggling and squirming so much that I had to grab him and forced him over my whipping bench where I securely fastened him down!

I then gave him 10 hard strokes of my paddle, now he had something to howl about!

Then it was time for the ultimate pleasure for me, Mistress Kendra had bought me a big strap-on for Christmas, and what a beautiful thing it is, and yes you have guessed correctly, it was lubed up and then it made its maiden voyage up the groaning slaves tight hole, What Joy!!

I glanced at the full length mirror to the side and watched myself working my toy inside the slave listening to his moans, were they pleasure or pain? What do you think?

Well that is a great start to 2014 for me and I am sure for my slave as well, so please do get in touch if you would like to try out my new toys, or some of the others that I have available, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


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