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Today I was visited by a new person, and all that he needed was to have his hands severely thrashed with very hard tawses! He had visited several mistresses over the years, one of them being the famous Mistress Brenda of Birmingham! And all had given him what he required.

Therefore, not to be outdone, I chose 6 of my tawses and proceeded to give him 6 of the best on his hands, all from different angles, and making sure that they really were six of the very best!

After each implement he was allowed recovery time of one minute. The onslaught continued until I had completed the punishment, which amounted in total to 36 hard strokes on the outstretched hands.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving this punishment, and at the end of the session his hands were bruised and swollen. As he was leaving, he admitted that he had actually taken as many as 42 strokes from one of the other mistresses. This made me determined to beat that should he visit me again!

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