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Just a quick mention of 3 of my miscreants that visited me over the last 2 days. There are photos of all 3 sessions to give you an insight into the interesting things that occur in my Chambers!

     The first was Slave “Pete” who I have mentioned before as he visits me regularly. It was the first time he had been Cling-filmed, and I thought why not put electrics on him as well! (See photo) The session was carried out both in my Loft Dungeon and my Red Room.

     The second one was another of my regulars and was carried out in my Headmistress’s Room. I have mentioned Boy “C” before, as he is such a rude and insolent pupil. As always, I put him over my knee and spanked him very hard on his bare bottom and the tops of his thighs. This did not bring about the hoped-for improvement in his attitude, so he had to go back over my knee for the paddle, slipper and plimsoll. I was still not satisfied though, so put him over the desk for a good thrashing with my heavy-weight plimsoll. Then a photo was taken of his hot sore bottom, after which I caned him into total submission!!

     The third and last was yet another of my regulars, who I introduced to my newly acquired “Raccoon Tail”! I had to stretch him first, and then push the stainless steel plug into his rectum!! (What a wonderful photo!)

     I really love the variety of the people that come to see me. It makes the time all the more interesting and pleasurable.

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