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My blog on the three hour session.



     Today my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I have just finished a 3 hour session with one of my long-term slaves, who always visits me for a long session because of the distance he has to travel to and from my chambers.

     It was a most enjoyable 3 hours, and we still didn’t have enough time for everything that we could have done, but even so it really was a fun-packed time. The poor slave who I shall simply refer to as “P” was dealt with in two rooms: – the Red Room and the Loft Dungeon. His nipples and balls were strung up to the ceiling, he was hung by his wrists and flogged front and back by both of us, plus an electric torture that Mistress Vanessa had devised had him jumping around in agony!! It was all very successful!

     He was tied by his toes and balls whilst performing the devotion test, which he passed with flying colours. Then he was laid on his back and cling-filmed with just his cock and nipples free for us to torture. (See photos).

     As if that wasn’t enough, Slave P was also tied with his legs in the air, whilst electrics were applied to his cock and balls, and whilst also receiving the strap-on from myself and Mistress Vanessa. Then, to finish off, we tied him to the whipping-bench and punished him with paddles, straps, riding crops, and finally the cane! A very good time was had by all three of us, the time just flew by as it was such fun, and Slave P seemed very pleased with himself at the end of it all.

     We are all looking forward to the next time, and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of new ideas for things that will fill another three hours!!

I have also included below three more photos taken during this session.

Mistress Linda.

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