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fromcamera101214424800x600Before the Christmas holidays I had my nephew staying with me while his mother was away. The first week went well and there were no problems. The second, however, was quite a different matter!

One afternoon, I had a most disturbing phone-call from the proprietor of the local shop regarding my nephew Terry. It seemed that he had been taking items from the shop and not paying for them! I waited patiently for him to come home, drinking my coffee and casting my eye on my new pink slippers! Today I would be breaking them in on Terry’s bare bottom, and I could not wait!

Eventually he came through the door, bright and breezy as usual. But when he saw my face, his manner changed. He knew he had been found out! Downcast, he stood in front of me as I ordered him to empty his pockets. He had been a very busy boy in the shop, and there seemed to be no end to his ill-gotten gains.

I had seen enough by now, and demanded that he drop his trousers and get over my knee. I took his underpants down and informed him that he would be punished in my own special way. I spanked his bare bottom hard and fast until it was bright red. Then I took one of my slippers and, putting him in a firm grip, I proceeded to give him a “Damn Good Thrashing”!

The more he protested, the firmer I held him, and I didn’t stop until he was sobbing and begging for forgiveness. Only then did I let him get up and pull his underpants and trousers up. Then he was sent to his bedroom for the rest of the day.

The next day he would be taken by his hand to the shop to return all the things he had purloined and to apologise profusely!




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