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Auntie Linda’s Retribution

IMG_0880 (600x800) IMG_0881 (600x800)This is a story of a session I had with one of the nephews that visits me on a regular basis, he had put together the scenario and of course I was more than happy to ensure it was carried out fully, and it may give you an idea for your next or first visit to to see Auntie Linda.


This afternoon I was just sitting down to well earned cup of coffee, when the phone rang.

The person who was ringing me was my nephew Robbies Headmistress Miss Ward.

Miss Ward explained the reason she was contacting me was because of Robbies disruptive behaviour in class! This apparently has been going on for several weeks, cumulating in a very bad incident an hour previous to this call.

The headmistress gave me an ultimatum that if I could not deal with him and improve his behaviour she would have no alternative but to expel him from school!

Well you can imagine how angry and embarrassed I felt.

A nephew who I took in out of the goodness of my heart repaid me in such a way!! I assured Miss Ward that I would deal with this problem, and knew just what was going to happen.

As I waited for him to return from school, I went to my bedroom and to my bag of slippers that I kept under my bed, I picked 4 of my favourite ones and laid them out on my bed, these were going over Robbie’s bottom and I would not finish until I was satisfied his behaviour would be improved.

This was going to be a lengthy process of which I knew I was more than capable of achieving.

As I sat on my bed tapping a slipper against the palm of my hand, I became more and more angry, then I heard the door open and Robbie nonchalantly whistling.

“Robbie come upstairs will you?” I tried to sound as normal as possible.

I heard him climb the stairs and I told him I was waiting for him in my bedroom, as he walked through the door his eyes went to the slippers and myself sat on the bed with one in my hand!!

“Oh you know what’s going to happen to my lad? drop your trousers and get over my knee!”

Stuttering and protesting his trousers dropped round his ankles, I quickly pulled his underpants down and with my left arm firmly holding him down I proceeded to thrash his bare bottom with my first slipper.

How dare he embarrass me with the school, how he would pay for it!

I made sure every stroke was full force, I probably gave him about 30 and could see the effect it was having, my how he wriggled and howled.

By the time I had given him a further 70 with rest of my slippers, making a hundred in all! His bottom was bright red and by the reaction I was getting from him it was also on fire!!

Making him stand in front of me, tears streaming down his face I ordered him to undress, put his pyjamas on and go to his room, where he stayed for the rest of the day.

Later that night he was allowed down for a meal and told in no uncertain terms that if he ever humiliates me again he will get more of the same punishment!

Lets hope he has learnt his lesson as I shall be keeping a close eye on him from now on!!


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