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200 Hardest Strokes from Cold

200 Hardest Strokes from Cold


It was Wednesday the 7th a date that Dennis the Menace will not forget; he came to my Chambers ready to take 200 of my very best strokes of the cane on his bare bottom.

We have been preparing for this day for a very long time, and when he finally came, I was at the ready to deliver, but was he ready for this, well he had asked for it.

But as always I did have a discussion with him before I started, and he wanted it to happen, so I selected 5 of my best and most severe canes.

He kneeled over the bench, no need for tying down, he was going nowhere until I had finished, he has been trained not to move.

In 0ne & Half hours I gave “from cold” the hardest caning I have ever delivered, he was receiving them in sets of six, slowly but deliberately.

This was a time consuming challenge, and we ran out of time, the session had to finish when he had received 180 very severe strokes.

Sadly I I had to stop there, but we know that he will be able to take 200 strokes next time.

Next time there would be no time limit, and he will take the full 200.

Photos of this session will be uploaded to my Spanking Tube pages, for you to see what happens when you ask for a no limit caning.

The photos were taken once I had cleaned up his bottom, but you can certainly see how severe the caning was.

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