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A Sad Farewell

A Sad Farewell

Last week I was visited by one of my very long time miscreants, it was a bitter sweet meeting as I have known for several years he has been in poor health and unable to visit me for one of our thrashing and caning sessions, of which we both enjoyed immensely.

We have always kept in touch, this day it was just for a coffee and a chat, but he also brought a special gift for me! His vast selection of canes plus much many more implements (see photo).

He knows they would be going to a good home, and will be well used to good effect.

I know he follows my web-site so I would just like to publicly say to him it has been a pleasure knowing you “John” (Discretion) and look on you as a friend and willing participant.

All your gifts will be used by me on many more miscreants in the future and I know you will have a big smile on your face knowing that!! do take care and keep in touch, my dear friend.


Mistress Linda.

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