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Paul gets the slipper and then the cane!!!!

Following on from my last Post I carry on telling you about what happened when Naughty Paul visited me.

After about 5 minutes I decided that it was time to start with my trusty slippers, now Paul has in the past taken a dislike to my slippers but today he has no choice but to enjoy them along with myself, I have to say slippers is my first choice when dealing with naughty boys and girls.

I decided I would sit on my bed so that I could have Paul lying over my lap, I find that this allows me to give the slipper even harder, so I summoned him over and he was quickly in position, and the I began slowly building up the slippering and one by one they got harder and harder, the slippers were making his small bottom redder and redder, and I marvelled at the changing colours from red  to deeper red and then with a hint of blue, I swear I could see steam rising from his bottom!!, he did wriggle, but he had no escape once over my knee or lap there is no escape for any naughty boy or girl!!!

I finally decided to release him from my grip, after all I didn’t want that bottom too badly marked before I had the pleasure of caning it.

I made him lie face down on the bed legs slightly apart, I then picked three of my favourite canes, and swished and flexed then in anticipation, I was really going to enjoy this!!

My first cane was the lightest and he took 12 strokes which were delivered slowly and precisely, the second was a thicker cane and time it would be 24 strokes given much harder but again slowly, white stripes on his bottom were starting to turn red.

He did wriggle and moaned but he knew he had to take the punishment, he did ask for it after all and I never disappoint!!!!!

The third was going to be given even harder still and this time it would be 36 strokes. Again a lot of wriggling and moaning, he knew that the full punishment would be given, but he was pleading but I was having none of that, he knew what he had asked for and that was what he was going to get, once the final stroke was delivered he thanked me, I took a photo of Paul’s very sore bottom which I thought I would share with, I do hope that you enjoy it, I most certainly did, and Paul contacted me the next day and he to enjoyed his visit and is looking forward to coming along again in the New Year.

I do hope you will come back to read my next news item.

Mistress Linda



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