The other day my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I dealt with one of my slaves. He was very useful and eager to please which made it all the more enjoyable. When I first introduced him to Mistress Vanessa, she noticed that his disgusting bits needed shaving before we would even attempt to play our games […]


    Before the Christmas holidays I had my nephew staying with me while his mother was away. The first week went well and there were no problems. The second, however, was quite a different matter! One afternoon, I had a most disturbing phone-call from the proprietor of the local shop regarding my nephew Terry. It seemed […]


    Just a quick mention of 3 of my miscreants that visited me over the last 2 days. There are photos of all 3 sessions to give you an insight into the interesting things that occur in my Chambers!      The first was Slave “Pete” who I have mentioned before as he visits me regularly. It […]

  • The Hell Pit

    It’s Wednesday afternoon and I have just finished a session with Mistress Nemesis, when we used the Hell Pit to incarcerate one of our slaves, we shackled and padlocked him to the Pit Floor with heavy metal manacles. The hatch was lowered and the lights were turned out, and he was left to contemplate his […]

  • My blog on the three hour session.

      A THREE HOUR SESSION      Today my daughter Mistress Vanessa and I have just finished a 3 hour session with one of my long-term slaves, who always visits me for a long session because of the distance he has to travel to and from my chambers.      It was a most enjoyable 3 hours, […]

  • Seeing Double

    This is a blog written by one of my loyal slaves, that came for a three hour session with myself & Mistress Vanessa. And I have also written a “small bog” about the session, which I will post next. I have also include three photos that were taken during the session for your enjoyment.   […]

  • Did it Hurt or Just Sting a Bit ?

    Once again I have a testimonial from one of my loyal visitors, I thought I would share it with you, with permission of the miscreant I have included some photos taken during the session, I do hope you enjoy . Mistress Linda After what can only be described as yet another highly pleasurable visit to […]

  • A testimonial for you to read

    This is a testimonial from one of my loyal visitors, I thought I would share it with you. I have been in the scene for over 30 years or so. I have been spanked regularly over the last 10 years (approx’ once a month) by Mistress Linda. I have visited “Dom’ Ladies” in London, Manchester, Liverpool, […]

  • A Public Judicial Punishment

    I thought I would share a couple of “reviews” that I have received following the Judicial Punishment, Session last week when I was assisted by Mistress Vanessa. The first one is written by the miscreant that was the subject of the Judicial Punishment, there are a few mistakes in it which he will pay for […]


    Today I was visited by a new person, and all that he needed was to have his hands severely thrashed with very hard tawses! He had visited several mistresses over the years, one of them being the famous Mistress Brenda of Birmingham! And all had given him what he required. Therefore, not to be outdone, […]


    R’ as I shall refer to him visited me a few days ago as a one-off from what we usually do. He has not visited me as often as he or I would have liked through circumstances beyond his control, but we always felt that we wanted him to take a beating beyond the normal […]