The other day I had another three hours of enjoyment with my “Girl” Rachel. She has such good legs and is able to walk so correctly in the highest of heels that she would make most women envious! She is always eager to please and loves being put in tight restraint. Firstly though she had […]

  • Flagrante Delicto

    The sly slave was summoned to my chambers on Friday, knowing full well that it would be a very painful experience. I made sure that it really was!! I vented all my pent up anger on his bottom, as you can see from the photos. I was very, very angry!! Tawse’s, crops and finally three […]


    I have just had a phone call from Mistress Nemesis informing me that one of my house-slaves has been misbehaving with her slave-girl!! On Sunday the Mistress had left a slave in bondage, who was looked over by the girl while she went away and came back a few hours later. Meanwhile my house-slave, who […]

  • Another Action Packed School Day

    On Friday there were plenty of naughty boys to deal with, and with help from my members of staff, namely Miss Vanessa and School Nurse Sally we set about our tasks! There was an addition to the day, it came in the form of School Governor Ms Severity Steele!, a big powerful woman who had […]

  • Another Fabulous Day!

    We have just had another fabulous School day at the Chapel School, and we were joined by a New Member of Staff and also New Pupils. Just to give you a taste of the day I include some photos taken during the day. More photos will be appearing in the gallery’s shortly along with a […]


    One of my indulgences is to have a slave who can do foot and leg worship. Preferably prolonged!! I already have several; this one, however, I needed to try out. So I ordered him to kneel on the floor in front of me, and instructed him as to what was required. He went at it […]

  • School day May

    We are expecting a visit from the external governing body at the next School Day in May. It has come to my attention that it will be the formidable Ms Severity Steele (otherwise known as The Iron Lady!) that will be carrying out her first ever visit at the Chapel School. Ms Steele has a […]

  • Going Up!

    This is a review from one of my Longstanding Slave’s, I do hope you enjoy it! Towards the end of last year I visited the Chapel and dared to try a double domination session with both Mistress Linda and Mistress Vanessa. I had thought this would be a uniquely one off experience, trouble was it […]


    What I enjoy in my career as a Dominatrix is the variety of sessions that I take part in. No day is the same as any other, and the same applies to the people that I see. They each have their lives, dislikes, preferences and pain levels, and that is what make it so enjoyable! […]


    Today Staff Nurse Sally and myself, Dr. Walker were on duty at the Medical Clinic. Our first patient was Mr. Robertson. He has had erectile problems for some time now, and, despite many appointments, we have been unable to solve his problem! We found out last time that this was due to his not carrying […]


    Another fantastic Schoolday!! Naughty boys all of them, and made to behave by myself, Headmistress Ward; Music Teacher Miss Melody Bell, aka Mistress Vanessa; School Clinic Nurse Sally; and the Head Girl Lizzie. When the school bell rang for the commencement of lessons, all the boys settled in appropriate desks, all the members of staff […]

  • Just for you James

    Just for you James Here are some of the photos taken during your Double, Double, Dom Session. Those that would like to try a Double, Double Dom Session should get in touch.