Well, what a busy two weeks I have had, and I’ve loved all of it – naughty schoolboys, “girlies”, patients for the medical room needing two nurses to attend to them, and a whole host of slaves, for one of whom it was his first time, and he had come all the way from Belfast. […]

  • The Spirit of Competition

    Below is a review from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy, along with some photos taken during the session, which have been included with the slaves permission. As a loyal slave of Mistress Linda I have, over the years enjoyed a great variety of sessions, all of which have been beyond […]


    Because of the day that it was held on, this school-day had the theme of Halloween. All the lessons had some form of spooks intertwined in them, and we hoped that this would make these “No-hopers” achieve a higher standard of work!       But this was all to no avail!! My daughter (the art teacher), […]

  • Plagiarism

    I have noticed that a photograph of the result of a caning from one of my sessions has appeared recently on the Twitter page of another Mistress from this area. The conclusion that people seem to be drawing in the comments on it is that she was the one who gave this caning. I am […]


    This session was going to be challenging to say the least. My daughter, Mistress Vanessa, and I were well-prepared for the arrival of Slave D. Shackles and handcuffs were waiting, and, as soon as he came through the door, he was ordered to strip off completely, and was then rendered totally helpless by the restriction […]

  • Autumn School Day

    This will soon be upon us, which this year will have some surprises for the pupils both old and new. So those regulars that feel the need to get in touch for further information should do so very quickly, in particular I am looking forward to hearing from Keith. There may be one or two spare […]

  • The return of Nephew George

    A face from the past arrived at the Chapel Chambers yesterday! Or should I a say a bottom from the past, that has been missing for quite a while. Well he had moved from the area about 3 years ago, but he decided to make a surprise visit to see me. The surprise he had, […]

  • School Day Once Again

    Friday was another successful School Day! Four members of Staff and a very precocious Head Girl!! Together with a room full of unruly, delinquent boys!! It was mayhem. But my staff and myself brought them all under control through our use of hand, slipper, paddles and so on. Once this was done, they received instruction […]


    Monday was such a busy day!! Two 2 hour sessions with plenty going on.       First of all, Mistress Nemesis and I dealt with “Debbie”, who underwent a medical examination so that we could decide if she had been interfered with sexually, but the tests were inconclusive so she was taken into the next room. […]


    My nephew Paul’s birthday was on 20th June and, together with his Auntie Rita, we decided to give him a small tea-party Auntie Rita had been looking after him for a few days, and, as always, she had spoiled him with home-made buns and all sorts of other goodies, so he was told that he […]


    The Maggot has been missing for just over a year, due to personal problems, but now he has crawled back to his Mistress, full of remorse and desire for complete servitude. He actually pleaded to be given the chance to submit his body to me! How could I resist? He was summoned to my chambers, […]