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This was a day when I had to deal with very, very bad pupils!!
As well as usual lessons, they were put over our knees in front of the rest of the class and soundly spanked and slippered. This happened to all of them during the course of the day and culminated in the whole lot of them being taken to the special “Punishment Red Room”.
We (i.e. myself and Mistress Vanessa) took it in turns to strap and cane them, at the same time discussing the punishment that each of them needed and indeed received.
It was surprising how much hard and long punishment certain pupils needed, but we were certainly capable, eager and totally up for it!!
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The School Medical Inspection

I do like the pupils that attend Chapel School to be in good condition, so I require them to have a medical each year.
So they were all lined up outside the Medical Room and it was Paul that was in next, he knocked on the door and I called him in for his inspection.
Well he decided that he was not going to drop his trousers, I was not going to allow that sort of behaviour.
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You should also look out for the films taken during the latest school day which will be uploaded very soon.
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Wednesday was a very busy day. First of all I spent two hours playing with my ‘girl’ Rachel. I thought the look of her outfit was rather spoiled by a protruding object in her panties!! And she had no control of it whatsoever! So it was time to take her in hand, put her over my knee and redden her bottom. No change there for her, but then I attached a training device onto her ‘protuberance’! I had the remote control and zapped her whilst she teetered around in her high heels. Oh, how I laughed every time she groaned and doubled up in pain! Again and again I pressed the button until she was a crumpled heap on the floor. I decided to follow it up with a caning whilst she was standing upright with her arms tied above her, and finished it off by inserting my steel hook in a humiliating place and attaching it to the ceiling too!

My next escapade took place in the School Room. Andrews was in trouble yet again! As Headmistress I proceeded to admonish him and put him over my knee with his knickers down and soundly spanked his bottom. Still not satisfied, I bent him over my desk and, using three of my school canes, I thrashed his bottom until I had taught him the lesson he deserved.

After lunch it was another ‘girl’, Rebecca, who had angered me, for reasons only myself and the bitch knew. She was only to be allowed back on condition that she was beaten, had her nipples clamped and presented herself so that I could penetrate her with my “Space Invader”! Up to now only two others have managed to cope with this, but I was determined to make sure that the count went to three!

Finally I had a double session with Nurse Sally (aka Mistress Nemesis) and her slave ‘from over the pond’. He had a very intense inspection and everything was used to obtain our ‘sample’!!

What a full day! But it was well worth it. There are several photos below of the sessions and the rest will appear in my galleries in due course.

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Extra Detention Day this week !

Well I did not expect to have to do this, but if they don’t behave in normal classes they will have to attend an additional Detention Day, you may start to wonder what I am talking about, I shall explain.

Last week I was informed that a small group of pupils had disgraced themselves whilst away from the Chapel School, whilst in uniform I won’t be printing the full details on here, but it is enough to say they had been seen in the “Girls School” whilst they should have been in their own classes.

So they will be dealt with in the most severe manner, along with undergoing additional lessons which will occupy their naughty minds.

I will be joined by the head of discipline in dealing with these pupils on a day they will not forget.

I may take a few photos to show you what happens to them, so do please return, to see see what happens when I get let down.

Headmistress Lady Linda.


Oh Poor Prue

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that attended for a “Double Dom Session” with Myself and Mistress Vanessa, I have added some photos taken with the slaves permission for your further enjoyment. 

Oh Poor Prue

Behind the door of the Chapel Dungeon, there awaits a truly unique experience, guaranteed to tempt tease and torment any slave who considers himself bold and brave enough to submit to what can only be described as the ultimate in Female Domination.

As a slave who considers himself to be both bold and brave, I have been privileged to experience this rather unique experience of Mother and Daughter domination from Mistresses Linda and Vanessa on previous occasions and can confirm it becomes an experience you will yearn to repeat.

So once again there I stood, locked in the cell, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. On a previous visit, Mistress Vanessa, had with twinkle in eye teased me with the threat of a sissy transformation, which I had never thought of as my kind of thing but being a slave who is ever eager to please, I had rather foolishly attended today’s session wearing a black lace thong, hoping this would be enough to please the Mistress, oh how wrong you can you be. As the Mistresses entered, I was met with a vision of elegance and beauty clad in figure hugging black PVC. Hiding any degree of excitement in flimsy lingerie is, I now know impossible. Mistress Vanessa was amused but not impressed by my dribbling cock and decided it was time for some impromptu slave humiliation and so quickly added to my ensemble a bra, blonde wig and instruction on walking like a lady. Just when I thought the situation could get no worse, Mistress Vanessa turned to Mistress Linda and said “oh what shall we caller her, she needs a name”. Names were quickly suggested and rejected before Mistress Vanessa declared, “I know, Prue, we shall call her Prue”. Both Mistresses were agreed, the Chapel’s new girl had been named. “What’s your name” asked Mistress Vanessa, “Prue Mistress” I replied, “that’s right” she said, “Prue, now Prue, come here and get over my knee”. As Prue lay over Mistress Vanessa Knee, receiving her much deserved spanking, she could only wonder how her training may progress in the future.

Humiliation over, for now and play reverted to the more familiar territory of pain and torment, a trip to the barn dungeon next door beckoned, where upon I was strapped to the cross and hoisted aloft, complete with firmly affixed nipple clamps and ball weights. Freely floating in mid-air, I was now very much at the mercy of the two Mistresses and they knew it, so followed a furious flogging to front and back, things, by now really were in full cry and in no time at all I found myself back in the red room, undergoing what can only be described as shocking electrical torment. Were my groans, that of slave in a state of torment? Or a slave in a state of ecstasy? In truth probably both, the Mistresses are truly gifted in the art of dispensing pain and pleasure, simultaneously and in equal measure.

After being unplugged from the National Grid, it transpired I was in the perfect place to receive some hefty corporal punishment. In short I was in for another damn good thrashing. Mistress Vanessa was quick to commence punishment proceedings, going in good and hard with what seemed like every strap available in the Chapel Dungeon. Strapping complete and for me some brief respite, as both Mistresses deliberated which canes to use on my bright red behind. Canes chosen and the Mistresses were quickly, well into their stride, taking it in turns to deliver successive batches of perfectly aimed and precisely delivered full force strokes from each and every cane, they had elected to use.

An end to yet another perfect session in the Chapel dungeon, in which this slave had amongst other things been humiliated, beaten, strung up, flogged, electrified and subjected to yet another merciless caning.

According to the internet other Mistresses are available, however I very much doubt any of them have the ingenuity of Mistress Vanessa or the skilled refinement of Mistress Linda.

I do hope you enjoyed this testimonial and look out for future posts.

Mistress Linda.

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Nurse Klebb (aka Mistress Scarlett) and I were in attendance in the Medical Room yesterday.

The patient had to be shaved down below before we could carry out the examination of his genital area. We had to use our expertise to control his breathing at one point when he became extremely agitated during some of the particularly in-depth examinations. These included anal insertions with numerous instruments, plus stretching and squeezing. After a while we succeeded in obtaining a sample of fluid, much to the relief of the patient!!

Nurse Klebb employed her usual no-nonsense approach to the task, whilst I performed a more understanding but hands-on role. It culminated in one very dishevelled patient and two satisfied members of staff!!

 Sister Lady Linda.   


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This week has seen a variety of beatings given by a variety of personae (usually played by myself, of course!)
Headmistress Miss Ward had to deal with a naughty boy who simply refused to behave and work, thereby earning himself a severe caning which resulted in plasters having to be applied to his bottom!
The School Nurse was carrying out the usual medical examinations when one boy refused to strip off to be checked, so he was put over nurse’s knee, spanked, slippered and hairbrushed, but still refused. So the school cane was applied with 6 of the very best across his bottom! And he certainly did get a full medical!!
Mistress Linda sentenced a slave to 160 strokes of the cane, to be given while another slave was made to watch only to be made to take his turn for a good caning!
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable week. I have punished boys and slaves in all sorts of different scenarios and feel very satisfied!

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The miscreant arrived punctually and had asked for a more painful session than previously. Well!! Who am I to argue with that?

He was immediately tied and put in my cell. His genitalia were bound, pulled through the bars and secured, and he was left there while I prepared myself. Having chosen 2 whips, I came back to the cell and whipped and slapped the offending appendages until he was making the noises I wanted to hear.

Then he was put on his hands and knees and the well-beaten appendages were strung up to the ceiling, weighted nipple-clamps were put in place as well as an electric probe in his anus. He was made to stay there for some time, while I pulled on both of the ropes that were attached to him, making him squeal and wriggle. Then it was on to the electric chair where he was blasted with various attachments to his body, sending electric shocks coursing through him. Finally, he was tied to the bench and, using one of my favourite canes, I put an artistic pattern on his bottom.

Needless to say, after 90 minutes, he almost had to drag himself out of my Chambers!! Well, he did ask for it!!

Mistress Linda.


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Yesterday, along with my ‘Deputy Head’ (aka Mistress Vanessa), I dealt with a small group of boys from our Boarding School. Throughout the term they had been repeatedly underachieving in all subjects and had to be brought to task!

We set exams for them covering all areas of school-work and, needless to say, every boy failed miserably, so we set about teaching them a lesson that they would never forget (well, that was what what we were hoping) !!

Boys were punished in front of the others, involving over our knees and bent over a desk. We used our hands, slippers and paddles, and eventually felt that the canes had to be used, firstly in the school-room itself, and then they were taken to two more rooms where two pupils were flogged, and finally all were spread out and caned.

As a finale, three boys were introduced to the “Chopsticks Method”, something which has only been used by us for extreme cases. It involves both teachers punishing with thin canes in both hands, standing on either side of the boy, and repeatedly in fast unison caning him for a predetermined length of time!! This requires a very careful use of the canes so that they only punish the buttocks, thereby creating the effect of four canes raining down very fast on his bottom!!

By the end, all agreed that we had done a very good job!!

Head Mistress Lady Linda.


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My New Space Invader

My New Space Invader has made its maiden voyage and ready To plunge into the dark universe! To boldly go where few Mistresses have been. To probe planets (Uranus etc.) black holes, and anything else that means entering the dark unknown! To use force when needed and serve the enterprise to its full extent!!!

Mistress Linda.


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