• My New Space Invader

    My New Space Invader has made its maiden voyage and ready To plunge into the dark universe! To boldly go where few Mistresses have been. To probe planets (Uranus etc.) black holes, and anything else that means entering the dark unknown! To use force when needed and serve the enterprise to its full extent!!! Mistress […]


    Tony was caught by the detention teacher looking at a porn magazine in the detention class. This resulted in his being punished by over-the-knee hand spanking, then the slipper and then 3 strokes with the cane on each hand. Then he got the strap and various paddles whilst bent over the desk! Still not satisfied […]

  • April Fool Slave Day

    The long awaited day arrived for both Mistresses and Slaves!! And what a fantastic day it was!! A big thank you to all the mistresses and the slaves that attended and made it such an enjoyable event for all. There are some photos here and the rest will be going onto my galleries very soon. […]

  • Crucifixion

    My Hanging Crucifix was put to good use yesterday as my “Viking Cleaning Sub” had let myself and Mistress Vanessa down several times when he was needed for cleaning duties and other duties !!! He was told to clean the fridge and kitchen at the chapel and proceeded to work too casually not putting his […]


    My “Girl” Rachel came to see me this week. She was wearing 5 ½ in heels that she had bought the week before but had been unable to try them out. I made her walk into my chambers and then up and down the corridor and she managed to walk in them perfectly! She has […]

  • Reminder to my Loyal Slaves

    This is just a reminder to those that have been granted permission to attend my next event that they must confirm their attendance, otherwise their place will be given to a slave on the waiting list. Mistress Linda.  


    This slave has been loyal to me since I first started down the road as a dominatrix. This was a long and winding but glorious road quite a few years ago. He has also been a good friend over the years to both myself and my daughter, Mistress Vanessa. Unfortunately he has not been able […]


    At the beginning of the week one of my miscreants was in dire need of a judicial caning – he had dared to go missing!! I sentenced him to 90 of my hardest strokes with various canes, and even had to add a few with one of my heaviest straps after I caught him swearing […]


    My slave yesterday hasn’t been to me for about a year, as he felt that he didn’t need my “treatment”. But, Lo and Behold! once he was standing in front of his mistress in expectation of a very intense session, the urge was too strong for him to ignore!! I am sure that quite a […]


    Recently I have done two of these Double Domme Sessions, one last week and one this week! The first was with my daughter, Mistress Vanessa and involved “Teaching an old dog new tricks” ! He was quite unruly and obviously in need of some discipline, so we put his collar and lead on him and […]


    Well, what a busy two weeks I have had, and I’ve loved all of it – naughty schoolboys, “girlies”, patients for the medical room needing two nurses to attend to them, and a whole host of slaves, for one of whom it was his first time, and he had come all the way from Belfast. […]