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Bitches & Naughty Girls

Last week was eventful dealing with slutty T.V.’s, naughty boys, Sub’s and one very naughty girl!
To explain the naughty girl is my new sub girl, first she was a schoolgirl in trouble together with a naughty school boy, both ended up over my knee and soundly spanked, slippered and then caned which resulted in two very red and sore bottoms
Later the girl was in trouble again, accusing my “Girl” Rebecca of touching her against her will, I brought them both into my room to interrogate them, and as you would expect they both blamed each other so rather than punish the wrong one, I decided it was best to punish them both until I found out the liar.
So over my knee they went, and then onto the punishment bench until they both had very sore bottoms, in the end I had to conclude they were as bad as each other, neither of them will be sitting down for a while!!!
I am sure my Sub Girl will become a regular feature of my blogs in the months to come; I know that many of my regulars are very interested in being dealt with alongside her.
Below are a few photos that will all give you something to think about, I do hope you all behave whilst looking at them!!!!

Mistress Linda

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Beware The Borrowed Dog Whip

This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves, I do hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed the session.

It had been a while but I thought it was about time I paid a visit to Mistress Linda at the Chapel Dungeon, after all, the marks from my last visit had long since faded.

So I made the appointment and then with eager anticipation counted the days until finally there I was knocking on the door of the Chapel Dungeon. Having visited Mistress Linda many times I was fairly confident that I knew what to expect, after all just how many different ways are there to tease, torment and generally surprise a slave.

Well it turns out that not all surprises in the dungeon are painful as on this occasion I was more than pleasantly surprised to bump into Mistress Vanessa, a Mistress who in the past has also had me dancing to her tune. However, today Mistress Vanessa was awaiting the arrival of her own slave, so for today at least I would be spared her painfully creative talents but not one of her painfully creative new whips.

Leaving Mistress Vanessa to attend to her own slave, Mistress Linda was certainly well on top of things in the Red Room and within no time at all she had me making all the right noises. Nipples clamped, balls stretched, cock whipped and high heels dug into all the places that matter, we really were getting through all “the old favourites” and we or rather I still had the very best to come.

The very best, is of course some full force corporal punishment, Mistress Linda really does excel in this area and it is certainly a particular favourite of mine. So we started, or rather Mistress Linda started with a selection of floggers, giving my back a good all over thrash. Then we moved onto the borrowed dog whip, apparently Mistress Vanessa acquired this hand crafted devilish whip form the Other World Kingdom and I have the marks to prove it really isn’t just for show. I think we got to 10 lashes of the dog, not sure when the marks will fade but it certainly does have a very distinctive feel, basically it stings like nothing else.

Then to finish we moved on to what Mistress Linda is famous for, a good hard caning. We got to 30 before Mistress Linda paused and said, “How many do I usually give you?” oh about 100 I replied, that was it, Mistress was now on a mission to deliver at least another 70, full whack no nonsense. At 100 she stopped, I was bruised but not quite beaten so asked for another 10 of her very best and that is certainly what she gave me, in total 110 very hard very precise strokes of just some of her finest canes.


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The latest news from the Chapel Chambers

It’s been a busy couple of months at the Chapel Chambers, so I have not had time to produce a blog up till now.
I am pleased to say that we have made quite a few changes around the Chambers, as you will see in photos below which include Mistress Vanessa who many of you already know, and we also appear together in a magazine article which tells the story of how my Daughter became involved in the Domination scene, the article is over 4 pages with excellent photos, and the name of the magazine is Dominance.
We have been asked several times before to appear in articles and even in TV shows but this is the first time we have agreed to this, and we do not feel we don’t need to do anything like this again so you should search out the Magazine for a once only opportunity to read about our journey to become a Mother and Daughter partnership.
So more news which I am sure some of my regulars will like, I now have “sub girl” that can be involved in sessions alongside you, I have included a couple of photos below of her, and I am sure as the weeks pass I will be adding more, she will be available only by prior appointment to join in either as a schoolgirl or a sub in the dungeon if you wish any more information you will have to ask.
I will also be producing some films involving the sub girl which will be put onto my Spanking Tube site, so do watch out for them.

That’s all for now I do hope to see you all soon.

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Merry Christmas to you all

This is just a quick message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The last year has past so quickly, and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all my regular visitors and all the many new visitors I have had over the last year.

Those of you  that have visited in the last few months will have seen the changes that have taken place at the “Chapel Chambers”, which I hope you agree have improved and enhanced the fun and pain that is available for you to enjoy.

I do look forward to seeing you all in the New Year, and I trust that you all have a peaceful time over the Christmas Break.

Mistress Linda




Since my last piece of news I seem to be having an abundance of Sluts, naughty “girls” and “girls” in need of training.
It started with Andrea, a naughty little girl who had been unable to visit me for some time – and ended with the biggest slut I have ever had to deal with! What can I say! She visited me three times in two weeks, and one of the sessions included Mistress Vanessa (my daughter) and two submissive slaves!
On another day I worked with Mistress Nemesis and her girl Debbie, and in the midst of all these there was my girl “Sandra” who was made to wear a tight PVC dress and had to be punished and dominated. And finally there was Amanda, who is a very gentle “girl” and needs handling in a more encouraging way.
All were dealt with in a way that was suitable for their individual type of “girl” and a very satisfying time was had by all!!

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I have been very busy both last week and this, with all the usual miscreants plus two new males in need of chastisement. So there was plenty of over-knee and over-bench punishment during the 14 days.
I played several different parts during these days – various aunties, headmistress, nurse and even school secretary, but most of all a Dominant Mistress! Some of them I had to coax into submission, some needed me to bully them, or to be a Complete Bitch, but, no matter how I treated them, they were all completely dominated and controlled by me!!
This makes a Dominatrix very proud of her craft, and always makes me feel completely satisfied.

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As usual, bottoms had to be punished! Slaves had to be put in their place, which is of course on their knees! Two needed to be chastised and shown what happens when they overstep the mark, and there was Baby Boo!!
Humiliation of this slave was very important and my daughter and I went to the extreme! Even though I don’t indulge in Babyism, we dressed him in adult baby clothes and made him look and act ridiculous before putting him over our knees (this can be seen on Spanking Tube) and then caning him.
What a wonderful life we Mistresses have!!!

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Once again we had a really fantastic School Day, stupid boys and “girl” plus the Headmistress and Miss D Meaner. Of course there were lots of hand spankings, paddlings and strappings, all followed by the traditional caning of all those who deserved it! As you can imagine, this was all of them as it seemed to both of us that the results of the lessons and exams were abysmal! And the day really went with a bang as more and more punishments were meted out!
So there were plenty of sore bottoms on show! Just how we like it!
Some of the punishments can be seen on Spanking Tube.
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Last week I was quite busy, with several very pleasing sessions.
Monday saw me slippering a naughty nephew.
On Tuesday Mistress Vanessa and I had great pleasure in using her dog-whip, plus the chopsticks and humiliating the slave while we had our fun.
On Wednesday I put one of my slaves into very tight bondage and used my pegs on the tender parts of his body.
Thursday and Friday saw an abundance of punishment:- naughty schoolboys, and also slaves, all purely for my pleasure. So it all added up to be a very enjoyable week!
I am looking forward to the next School day which will be coming around very soon, so I am expecting those that will be attending to get in touch to confirm their place.

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Another Friday and another Detention Day! The same faces passed through the school doors once more, plus a new pupil who we hoped we could achieve something with. But by the end of the day all our hopes and aspirations were dashed! Yet another pupil who I am sure we will see again and again, requiring more and more punishment, given of course with a firm hand.
The lessons we had prepared were met with the same stupidity and lack of enthusiasm, even when they were asked to put something together for the Chapel School Anthem. Surprisingly, one of the long-standing boys came up with a really good effort! This is the same boy who always feigns deafness when something is asked of him! This was a surprise to both of us, as it is the usual old behaviour problems of these pathetic creatures that we have to deal with, helped by a firm hand! So we set to work on all of them, starting off with slippers and paddles, then moving on to straps and finally finishing off with some of them taking a flogging with Mistress Vanessa’s new and very effective whip, the results of which can be seen in some of the photographs. Of course, they were all soundly beaten with the cane as well!
And it has come to our notice that the only thing that they are excel in is eating school lunch!! We will however continue to make our mark on them in the future and on any other boy who may be sent to the Chapel Detention School!!