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    Wednesday was a very busy day. First of all I spent two hours playing with my ‘girl’ Rachel. I thought the look of her outfit was rather spoiled by a protruding object in her panties!! And she had no control of it whatsoever! So it was time to take her in hand, put her over […]

  • Extra Detention Day this week !

    Well I did not expect to have to do this, but if they don’t behave in normal classes they will have to attend an additional Detention Day, you may start to wonder what I am talking about, I shall explain. Last week I was informed that a small group of pupils had disgraced themselves whilst […]

  • Oh Poor Prue

    This is a testimonial from one of my loyal slaves that attended for a “Double Dom Session” with Myself and Mistress Vanessa, I have added some photos taken with the slaves permission for your further enjoyment.  Oh Poor Prue Behind the door of the Chapel Dungeon, there awaits a truly unique experience, guaranteed to tempt tease […]


    Nurse Klebb (aka Mistress Scarlett) and I were in attendance in the Medical Room yesterday. The patient had to be shaved down below before we could carry out the examination of his genital area. We had to use our expertise to control his breathing at one point when he became extremely agitated during some of […]


    This week has seen a variety of beatings given by a variety of personae (usually played by myself, of course!) Headmistress Miss Ward had to deal with a naughty boy who simply refused to behave and work, thereby earning himself a severe caning which resulted in plasters having to be applied to his bottom! The […]


    The miscreant arrived punctually and had asked for a more painful session than previously. Well!! Who am I to argue with that? He was immediately tied and put in my cell. His genitalia were bound, pulled through the bars and secured, and he was left there while I prepared myself. Having chosen 2 whips, I […]


    Yesterday, along with my ‘Deputy Head’ (aka Mistress Vanessa), I dealt with a small group of boys from our Boarding School. Throughout the term they had been repeatedly underachieving in all subjects and had to be brought to task! We set exams for them covering all areas of school-work and, needless to say, every boy […]

  • My New Space Invader

    My New Space Invader has made its maiden voyage and ready To plunge into the dark universe! To boldly go where few Mistresses have been. To probe planets (Uranus etc.) black holes, and anything else that means entering the dark unknown! To use force when needed and serve the enterprise to its full extent!!! Mistress […]


    Tony was caught by the detention teacher looking at a porn magazine in the detention class. This resulted in his being punished by over-the-knee hand spanking, then the slipper and then 3 strokes with the cane on each hand. Then he got the strap and various paddles whilst bent over the desk! Still not satisfied […]

  • April Fool Slave Day

    The long awaited day arrived for both Mistresses and Slaves!! And what a fantastic day it was!! A big thank you to all the mistresses and the slaves that attended and made it such an enjoyable event for all. There are some photos here and the rest will be going onto my galleries very soon. […]