One hour of pure bliss!! My daughter Mistress Vanessa and I really went to town on him.
We have always shared him, using him for lifts, shopping, gardening and cleaning, and on a few occasions his manhood has been used for our “girls” to practice on! He was rather reluctant to do this, but did it anyway!
We had noticed for some time that he was forgetting his position with us, speaking up when not required, being self-opinionated, as well as sulking and answering back.
So, on Friday, he was made to strip off and was placed in the cell with his penis jutting out from the bars! Tied there, he could not pull back, which meant we could do what we wanted with the appendage! And we duly did so!
We then dragged him into the loft dungeon and told him to prostrate himself face-down, whilst we slowly lowered the bed of nails onto his back, adding weights to make more of an impact. Then we tied him above the “A” frame and whipped and tormented him. On and on we went with the merciless beating, flogging and torturing until we decided that he had learnt his lesson. Only time will tell though!!

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